International insurances

The transported goods run risks capable of generating economic damages to their owners.


Our Pre-Shipment Transport Insurance indemnifies losses or damages that occur in goods in transit, correctly packed and dispatched for international transport.

We work hand in hand with one of the insurance companies largest in Latin America,

which has more than 20 years of experience in the market.


Advantages of the service:

Most comprehensive coverage on the market

Easy and fast contracting: you do not need prior authorizations

Immediate issuance of the Policy

Professional and personalized advice

Claims attention 24/7

The risks covered, the conditions and/or deductibles may vary depending on the type of merchandise, the route, etc.

Full cover

For new merchandise that travels in closed containers or under cover.

It covers all the risks to which your merchandise is exposed during transport and that are a consequence of it.

General average

The time of loading and unloading

Up to a total of 60 days in Intermediate Deposits

Up to a total of 60 days in Port of Destination

General Exclusions:

All risks that are not explicitly covered are excluded.

B. Restricted / Standing Cover + Theft/span>

Designed for used goods, or new goods that travel in open containers.

whole package robbery

Fire or Explosion

Grounding, Stranding, Sinking or Capsizing of the ship or vessel

Overturning or derailment of the means of transport with any external object, except water

Unloading of the merchandise in port of refuge

Earthquake, Volcanic Eruption, or Lightning

Slaughter in General Average

Ejected or Swept by the waves 

Inlet of sea, long or river water to the ship, boat, warehouse, container, liftva, or storage place

Total loss of any package lost overboard, or dropped during the loading or unloading of the ship or vessel

General Exclusions:

All risks that are not explicitly covered are excluded.