Our development over 13 years has forged us and taught us what type of service your company requires.


Trust your exports in our expertise. Being a customs agent in Peru for more than 13 years, allows us to advise you and structure your export process efficiently.

Our focus on information technology has led us to implement the Tracking tab, so that you can follow your customs processes 24/7 in the palm of your hand.


Document Review

Tariff classification

Numbering of the Customs Declaration of Merchandise (DAM)

DAM endorsement in temporary warehouses (port or airport)

Orange channel: Delivery of DAM to the temporary warehouse or airline

Red Channel: Capacity of the Cargo with a Customs Specialist or Customs Officer to deliver the DAM to the temporary warehouse or airline

Regularization of the Provisional Export DAM by the Definitive Export DAM



As customs agents in Peru, we characterize ourselves as a professional human team, focused on adding value to the foreign trade operations of each client, always based on our track record in nationalizing various types of merchandise in the tariff universe.

We have the experience and competence in customs service, to accompany you from the previous analysis, planning and execution of the nationalization processes.

Documentary Review

Tariff Classification and Numbering of the Customs Declaration of Merchandise (DAM)

Payment of the Customs Tax Debt, to obtain the channel and presentation to Customs (if it is a green channel, immediate release)

Documentary Review or Physical Appraisal - Management of Good Approvals - Confirmation of the Release in the DAM by Customs

Withdrawal of cargo in temporary warehouses

Delivery of Cargo and Documents to the Importer


There are many customs regimes which adjust to your needs according to the characteristics of your company. Our customs legal adviser will help you determine which customs regime gives you greater competitiveness and the best costs based on cost-benefit analysis.