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In this type of DEPOSIT, it is allowed to store the merchandise that arrives in the customs territory under Customs control, in authorized places, without the payment of customs duties and other taxes that are levied on importation, as long as they have not been requested from any customs regime nor are they in a situation of legal abandonment.


The Customs Warehouse regime can be authorized for a maximum period of twelve (12) months, computed from the date of numbering of the declaration. 

In the case of perishable merchandise, the term cannot exceed the expiration date of the merchandise or the closest production batch, within the maximum term for the customs warehousing regime.

The following goods may not be destined for the Customs Warehouse regime:

Those that have been previously requested from a customs regime, with the exception of the International Exhibitions or Fairs regime, indicated in Decree Law No. 21700 and its Regulations approved by Supreme Decree No. 094-79-EF, and those intended for Internal Customs Transit regime in accordance with the provisions of article 122 of the Regulations.

Those who are in a situation of legal or voluntary abandonment

Those of prohibited import

Explosives, weapons and ammunition

Luggage and household items

Postal shipments and express delivery shipments

Used vehicles that do not meet the minimum quality requirements established by the Ministry of Transport and Communications

Pyrotechnic products and fireworks, not included within the import ban, established in Law No. 26509

Within the period of the regime, the deposited merchandise can be destined, totally or partially, to the following regimes:

Imports for consumption


Temporary Admission for Re-export in the Same State

Temporary Admission for Active Improvement



This type of WAREHOUSE is the Premises where goods pending release authorization by the customs authority are temporarily entered and stored. We have excellent relations with the various temporary warehouses in Callao (Av. Néstor Gambeta) and peripheries.

In this warehouse you can perform the following actions with your merchandise:


Check the status of your cargo through the Prior Capacity

Weighing, measuring or counting

Placement of marks or signals for the identification of packages



Extraction of samples for analysis or registration



Emptying or partial discharge

Control of machinery operation, as long as its state or nature is not modified Care of live animals

Those necessary for the conservation of perishable merchandise

Those that have to be adopted in case of fortuitous or force majeure


In this type of WAREHOUSE, our clients can store their merchandise for later delivery or continue with the logistics chain of their company. Our associated warehouses are roofed or unroofed depending on the client's needs and the nature of their cargo. Years of experience support the good management, protection, process and delivery of the merchandise in our custody. We have warehouses for:

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National or international Courier cargo 

Special Cargo  

General Cargo  

Oversized Cargo